Carnival Paradise Cruise Ship Sinking

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Carnival Paradise Cruise Ship Sinking
Carnival Paradise – Our first cruise :)

On 20 September 2011 One Of The Most Significant Global Trade Carnivals For Bathroom Culture, Cersaie 2011, Opens In Bologna, North Italy.


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On 20 Sep 2011 one of the most important world trade fairs for bathroom culture, Cersaie 2011, opens in Bologna, northern Italy. Hansgrohe AG will be outstanding, exhibiting its brands over an area of roughly three hundred square metres. Its motto : “new ideas for loo, kitchen and efficient water consumption”. The trade fair is expecting to have around eighty thousand visitors before it closes on 24 Sep 2011. More than one thousand manufacturers from about 140 nations will be exhibiting their products.

Latest products from the Axor brand

Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe AG, will be exhibiting additions to its bathroom collections, made in partnership with designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Antonio Citterio and Philippe Starck. Visitors will adore the new shower solutions in the Axor Starck ShowerCollection.

Superior comfort with an outstanding design : Axor has expanded its successful collections, created in collusion with internationally respected architects and design eperts. So execs now have additional planning options. The focus is on offering the patrons new functions and greater individuality. The lavatory as a living area, and the kitchen as a workspace.

The clear, geometrical shapes of the Axor Starck ShowerCollection are finding their way into smaller bathrooms. This is demonstrated by the new 24×24 overhead showers. These are bolstered with a waterfall spout for the bath tub. This is multi-functional and can also be used as a neck / gush shower. The new intermediate height guarantees larger planning scope at the wash basin. A new, purist manual shower is available.

“Feel Free to Compose” is the motto of Axor Bouroullec. Axor has now added fresh product variants and combo options. Wash basin mixers with new spout heights and lever handle alternatives, and , the Axor Bouroullec wash tables, mean that it is feasible to find the best solution for your customers.

The virtually unlimited options for wash basin and bath tub can be viewed online using the Axor Bouroullec Composer, which now features some fresh products.

The successful Axor Citterio M collection is characterised by strikingly slim shapes and a look of elegance. The designer Antonio Citterio, from Milan, got his inspiration for this collection in 2007 from town life. New mixers with efficient star-shaped handles are setting new tones in the lavatory.

Axor Urquiola represents a lively mixture of styles in the toilet. The new single lever basin mixer for wash bowls wonderfully complements the choice of products. Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s collection blends into a wide selection of ambiences. This gives your planning extra impetus : with new stills, Axor shows just how successfully the collection may be employed in combination with different wash basins.

Purchasers are increasingly demanding more from the modern kitchen : Axor presents three new mixers for the hardest sink requirements. These fashionable creations from 3 Axor designers offer a lot more convenience and functionality : They are more easy to operate, offer more space and individual design options. This is the case, for example, with the 1st Axor kitchen mixer for the wall.

Axor presents its first electronic mixers for the wall. Axor is consistently developing the successful design of the Axor Citterio and Axor Uno collections and offering new options for bathroom design in demanding environments in the general public, semi-public and private sectors.

Latest products from Hansgrohe

In the case of the fresh products from the Hansgrohe brand, the focus is on new accomplishments in the Metris, Talis, Focus and PuraVida sink mixers. The usable space between mixer and sink known as the ComfortZone can be adapted to individual necessities using these products. In Bologna the shower specialists will also introduce innovations in showering comfort : the new Ecostat Select thermostat and the Raindance Select range.

Hansgrohe is making more space in the bathroom and expanding the ComfortZone : with refreshingly convenient wash basin mixers from the new Metris, Talis and Focus lines. Digital tools will help both professionals and buyers find their way around.

A selection of showerpipes that are as disparate as the people taking the showers. You are now able to offer your clients the liberty to choose just what the perfect nice shower experience should feel a bit like : with 3 different giant overhead showers, 2 thermostat variants and the new Raindance Select hand shower.

Extra space to move around in the bathroom : pre-assembled shower systems guarantee an enjoyable shower experience for huge and little, old and young alike. The benefit for executives : they’re easy, fast and safe to install.

Hansgrohe is expanding the PuraVida range : with mixers for the wash basin, the bath tub and the kitchen sink. This implies : each customer can find an individual solution and just the right mixer for any ceramics.

Hansgrohe is bringing 3 convenient kitchen mixers to the market : these lovely (electronic) mixers from PuraVida can be installed wherever you wish in your modern kitchen. And the high-quality design of Focus E, with its attractive price, can’t fail to electrify.

On the sink, in the bath tub or in the shower : an exceedingly long operating lever makes this new Hansgrohe mixer range a great helper in the loo and toilet.

This heat recovery system is smart both ecologically and economically. It collects the energy from the shower and bath water used each day and reuses it.

More convenience in the kitchen and solutions for energy conservation

At the trade fair both brands will also be exhibiting new kitchen mixers with improved convenience and with a fresh design. Hansgrohe AG will display smart water- and energy-saving technologies as a part of the organization’s “Smart Water Solutions” business unit. Here the focus is on the EcoSmart technology developed at Hansgrohe, writes

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